Photos by Lucas

Lucas really loves using the iPhone and taking pictures of people and random things. A lot of them are terrible but he is getting better every day. Here are some (the thumbnails cut off heads but the full photos actually have them):

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CA Adventuring in 2014

One of the first things we did this year was go to California Adventure for the day. We woke up super early and got there at 7:30am and left around 10:30pm. Super exhausting but all worth it.

It was Lucas’s first time there and he LOVED the cars and rides. I wish it wasn’t so expensive because I would definitely go with them more.

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Oops what happened to 2013?

So yeah…didn’t post anything in 2013. :(
We were too busy living life I guess :)
Here are some photo highlights from the year including our trip to Alaska. Enjoy!

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San Diego Fun!

I haven’t posted since April?!?! So sorry. Lots catch up on and I will have to so a mega summer post for Lucas.

Wanted to share some photos and thoughts about a past SD trip we took. Ray had gone down for a conference at the beginning of the week and we drove down to meet him Thursday.

Lucas usually doesn’t ride in the car that long and ended up crying for almost half the trip. Poor Brandon had to sit and listen to him. He was happy when we stopped and had a snack but started crying again the moment we got back on the freeway.

Our first night there we went to a big party for the conference. I think Lucas really liked our accommodations.


Then we woke up and went to the Safari Park. I don’t think Lucas was as impressed as
Brandon, but he still enjoyed his family day out :)



More photos to come once I get on a computer :) Remember to check out Brandon’s site too!

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Lucas’s First Snow Day

We decided last minute to go up to Crystal Lake this past Saturday to see if there was snow. Was there ever! We were blessed and there was fresh powder all over the place so the boys and I got to enjoy some fun. It was Lucas’s first snow and I think he really enjoyed being out there and taking everything in.

Lucas even got to do some belly time in the snow disc we got…not sure he liked it though

More photos at soon!

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I have to get both boys ready in the morning which can be a pain if I haven’t slept well the night before. Can you guess which one is the sleepyhead & which one is ready to go in the morning? :)



Lucas is a fairly good morning person and is usually pretty happy. He loves going on his changing table and getting ready. Now if he will just be less cranky at night ….

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Lucas Enjoys His Activity Bouncer

Yay a new post (FINALLY!)

Lucas is getting bigger and bigger and can now enjoy more of the toys that Brandon used to.  This is the bouncer he has at each house that Brandon barely used  to play with.  I think Lucas will enjoy it more than big brother :)

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Four Month Well Baby Visit

Lucas and I went to his 4 month well baby visit today. Brandon didn’t want to go with us because he didn’t want to be there when little brother got his “pokes.” Poor Lucas got three shots today and obviously was sad. He cried all the way back to the car but then fell asleep.

Here are his stats:
Height 2’0.25″
Weight 14lbs

Here are Brandon’s 4 month well baby stats in case you want to compare:
Height 2’1.25″
Weight 15 lbs, 1.8 oz

Awww our little dai dai is growing up :)

*I never posted Lucas’s stats from his 2 month well baby. His weight was 11lbs, 2oz & height was 1’10.75″ . Brandon’s 2 month stats were weight was 11lbs, 5.8oz & height 1’11.25″ . They were almost the same at 2 months. We will see if they grow further apart at 6 months or if Lucas catches back up.

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Happy 4 Month Lucas

We all love you and love watching you grow!


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Super Baby!

I walked in on Lucas in his crib one day and he had his arms raised like he was trying to fly out of there.  I thought it was hilarious and so I took a video.  I think we should all humor him and pretend that there is even a remote possibility that  he will fly one day.


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