Baby Cheung Pictures :)

I will try to do a post about how this pregnancy has been different from Brandon’s soon, but in the meantime, here are some exclusive “photos” of Baby Cheung. Enjoy!

Here is the first look at the little one at about 6 weeks. He was just a teenie tiny bean :)

Fast forward to 17 & 18 weeks and you can actually see our lovely little boy taking shape.

Profile shot with the spine. Sooo cool that you can see that:

His cute little back and feet (on the right):

Him lying down with his arm and leg out:

Closer profile (& his nose is the very small thing and not the bubble next to his eye):

Who can guess what this is a shot of?

I’ll have more pictures at the end of the week when I go in for my 6 month ultrasound.

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