First Visit to Lucas’s Doctor

Lucas of course have seen some pediatricians since arriving in this world, but today was his first visit to his pediatrician in Pasadena, who also happens to be Brandon’s.

Lucas is doing well and is at 6lbs, 12oz now (more than a pound heavier than when he was born) and at 19.5″ long. No shots today, much to Brandon’s relief, and no concerns except maybe his gassiness/smelly poops. Dr said he looked good :)

The doctor told us that she has just seen two Luke’s before getting to Lucas (she says this has never happened before) and were we thinking of calling him that for short. Our response was that we weren’t sure yet, but in my head I was thinking “well we were kinda thinking about it but now I am reconsidering it…. Are these other kids in Lucas’s age range?…..” We will see what he prefers as he gets older.

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