Four Month Well Baby Visit

Lucas and I went to his 4 month well baby visit today. Brandon didn’t want to go with us because he didn’t want to be there when little brother got his “pokes.” Poor Lucas got three shots today and obviously was sad. He cried all the way back to the car but then fell asleep.

Here are his stats:
Height 2’0.25″
Weight 14lbs

Here are Brandon’s 4 month well baby stats in case you want to compare:
Height 2’1.25″
Weight 15 lbs, 1.8 oz

Awww our little dai dai is growing up :)

*I never posted Lucas’s stats from his 2 month well baby. His weight was 11lbs, 2oz & height was 1’10.75″ . Brandon’s 2 month stats were weight was 11lbs, 5.8oz & height 1’11.25″ . They were almost the same at 2 months. We will see if they grow further apart at 6 months or if Lucas catches back up.

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