Brandon v. Baby Cheung

As this pregnancy has progressed, I have thought about differences between this time and with Brandon.

Morning Sickness:

  • Brandon- I would be ok for the most part, eat, and was happy with everything.  The sickness would hit me suddenly and mostly in the evenings rather than the day. This was good when I wasn’t telling anyone at work yet since i never actually got sick.
  • Baby Cheung – Nauseous ALL the time, but never really threw up.  I think I preferred throwing up with Brandon since then I could get it over with.  This time, I just feel bad all the time and like I could potentially get sick. Luckily, I am finally beginning to feel better now at the end of the 2nd trimester and start of the 3rd.


I think everyone observing may be a better judge of this, but I do feel as though I am getting bigger faster with the second child. Not sure if it is because of the actual baby getting bigger or if it is because Brandon had stretched everything out and it was easier for my body to get bigger. Of course it could also be that I am eating more this time. Don’t think I am, but I honestly don’t know.


I was really, really tired with Brandon and had to take naps in my car during work hours. Though I have not had to do that this time, I do feel like I am constantly exhausted throughout the day.  The exhaustion has pretty much been during the length of the pregnancy whereas with Brandon,  I felt better in my later term.  Who knows if this is a result of the pregnancy or if it is because I have a very spirited 3 year old to deal with now :) Also, I was super lucky when I was pregnant with Brandon because the writers were on strike and I got to spend a lot of time at home resting and watching TV. Not so much this time. Brandon and I have been non-stop even during my work break.


Not sure if everyone remembers, but I had a huge aversion to chicken when I was pregnant with Brandon. The mere thought of it made me feel sick.   I haven’t had any aversions to food this time around except for the constant thought that things were gross in general haha.   I am ok with eating most anything with Baby Cheung, just not enjoying it as much as I usually do.  For example, when Ray told me how I loved pizza when I was pregnant with Brandon, I looked at him  like it was the grossest thing I had ever heard.  That hasn’t stopped me from actually eating pizza though.

All these differences just shows how each child is different from conception. I am really looking forward to meeting Brandon’s new baby brother and learning about his personality.  It will be interesting to compare milestones and see how they interact as well.

Very exciting!!!!!

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